Collect all textures into the same project folder

Frank Buurman - 14-06-2019


Every time I start texturing and I use a texture from another project I get a warning saying the image is not in the same place as the project, do I want to copy. Well if I say yes and I am using many images I get all of them in the same folder as the c4d projects file. How can I get them to all go in there own folder.


So what you can do is to save your scene as a project. All used textures will be copied to a new folder named “tex” within your projects folder.

To avoid the “do you want to copy...” mesage in the first place, you can enter paths to other projects that already use the needed textures within the C4D preferences (Texture Path).

After you are done with your materials, save the scene as a project and C4D will collect all needed textures from the referenced scenes and store them in a new tex folder with your new scene.

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