Job, Joris en Marieke geven hun mening!

Jos Buurman - 20-04-2016

The first time I heard of was at a Cinema 4D Benelux event in Amsterdam where we held a presentation, had a booth there. Until then we had never used an external renderfarm. Our films were always very short so render times were manageable. We were working on a 10 minute long animation and I was worried about our machines being able to render this in time. At that time had a great deal for us, we decided to buy loads of renderpoints and started working right away!

It felt great to be able to use The biggest advantage is the fast render times of course, saving you loads of time which you can spend on production. It's also very nice that you don't have to cut back on your render settings. Even if you use a slightly higher quality, you will still make your deadline. It's also easier to re-render a scene if you do spot an error (in the animation itself for example). If render times are no longer an issue you can deliver work with higher detail and make even nicer designs. The workflow is very user friendly and the service as top notch to. With the help from we managed to finish within time and because of that our short film (Otto) went on to premiere at the Toronto International Film festival.

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