Maxon Has Released CINEBENCH R20 CPU Benchmark

Frank Buurman - 01-04-2019

In March Maxon released a new version of Cinebench, the benchmarking tool based on Cinema 4D. Cinebench Release 20 is a great resource for Maxon customers and the general public because it is a real measurement of the performance of any system, and in particular the performance that a user can expect when using Cinema 4D. But the value of Cinebench is even greater than you might think.

Because Cinebench is a widely used measurement of CPU performance, Maxon works closely with both Intel and AMD to ensure that it makes the most of modern processor technology. Together they will find opportunities for optimization, which will find their way to future releases of Cinema 4D. During the preparation of Cinebench R20, Maxon was able to improve the performance of Global Illumination by up to 30% on modern CPUs. Cinebench provides fertile ground for expanding our partnerships and further developing the rendering technology of Cinema 4D. Download the latest version of Cinebench 20 here.

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