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It’s nice to know where you stand before you start a job. Our cost calculator is a useful tool to get a cost estimation for your renderjob. Calculate how fast our render farm is! Through your Cinebech score, we can calculate how fast our renderfarm is compared to your workstation.

Cost indication in two simple steps:

1. What we need from you: the amount of frames, the average rendertime from 1 frame and the cinebench R15 score.
2. Enter the information below and the cost calculator will make an estimation of the cost and time.

What is Cinebench?

Cinebench is a free benchmark program for Windows and Mac OS based on the powerful 3D software Cinema 4D. The result of the Cinebench test provides considerable insight into the performance of your workstation. Especially the CPU is closely examined. All relevant system data is collected during the test procedures, so you can compare the performance of a system with other computers (regardless of the operating system). With the score you can also compare your own workstation with our farm.

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